The “Season of Creation” is an ecumenical celebration of the awe-inspiring creativity of God, a series of liturgical prayer experiences embracing the mission entrusted to the human family, a mission to celebrate this creation with gratitude and care for it with reverence and love.

For almost two and one-half million years, from the Early Paleolithic or Old Stone Age, we have clear evidence that the power and beauty of Creation have touched the human heart and stirred it to reverence and worship.

Saints, Mystics, and Poets throughout human history have been transfixed by their encounter with the Sacred in nature.

Jesus himself found God through contemplative attention to wild flowers, weeds like the mustard tree, and birds of the air that neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns.


The stars have always been a source of awe to all who look up to the night sky.  St. Dominic himself is the patron of astronomers.

Many throughout human history have looked to nature as a primary Self-revelation of God.


Recent generations, however, have had their horizons vastly expanded and their images of creation exploded by the sight of planet Earth from space, by pictures taken in space of galaxies of stunning size and beauty, and by growing awareness of the unimaginable vastness of time and space.

As we enter the Season of Creation, we do so knowing that we are the current evolutionary fruit of 13.8 billion years of cosmic development.

At the same time, the evidence is overwhelming that the way we are living on this planet is depleting its essential resources dangerously and warming it – with devastating results.

  • 16 of the warmest 17 years in more than a century of meteorological records have occurred since 2000.
  • As a result, storms are more violent;
  • rainfall is unpredictable, water scarce in many areas, and food production is failing in many places;
  • hunger, malnutrition, and famine are devastating communities;
  • conflicts and wars over resources and basic needs are more frequent….

The Season of Creation is an annual invitation to join to join with people around the world in prayer and reflection, asking to grow in awe and gratitude to our Generous Creator and in loving care for creation.


James E. Hug, S.J.